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Custom Relaxing Facial

A traditional European facial to rejuvenate or to help maintain

healthy and well balanced skin. Includes cleansing, steam exfoliation, custom mask, facial, hand and shoulder/neck massage.

60 min/$100



Anti - Acne Facial

Not all acne is the same. At Sarasota Bay Facials our approach is highly customized. Whether your acne is caused by high bacteria levels, hormonal changes, stress, or is simply a reaction to the environment, we will customize a facial to combat your acne. This treatment will include a deep cleanse, exfoliation, a chemical peel, and a detoxifying mask that will help draw out impurities and prevent periodic or ongoing breakouts.




Rosacea Facial

This is a facial for red and sensitive skin. It works to minimize

redness, hyperpigmentation, even out skin tone, reduces

inflammation and irritation, antioxidant rich and also smooths

and soothes the skin.




Collagen Facial

The collagen facial is a popular anti-aging treatment among women who see little lines forming around their eyes and forehead.  The facial is designed to flood the derma with collagen to accelerate cell renewal and to increase elasticity for firmer skin.  The collagen facial includes a special collagen fiber mask and antioxidants to transform tired, dull and aging skin into a glowing healthy, young appearance.




Oxygen Facial 

A stimulating treatment, safe enough to be done weekly. Treats sluggish, tired skin resulting from environmental damage, smoking, medications, aging or improper diet. This is an antioxidant therapy to correct and prevent free radical damage as oxidative and environmental stress to the skin is one of the more significant contributors to the aging process. This treatment helps stimulate respiration and circulation within the skin. It helps promote healing and rejuvenates sluggish, stressed skin depleted by toxins, pollutants, allergens, improper diet and solar damage. Acneic conditions also benefit greatly. Appropriate for use between peel treatments or when exfoliation or flaking is not desired. This treatment is also ideal two to three days before a special event. It draws oxygen to the skin’s surface, producing a rosy flush and a rapid warming sensation, resulting in a radiant, healthy look that lasts up to ten days.





Ultra Sonic Facial

The Ultrasonic Facial is a science-based facial, developed by physicians, which uses the newest resurfacing techniques. Water is penetrated into your pores at 28,000 times per second to flush out oil, dirt & dead skin. This process kills bacteria & reduces inflammation. Specialized products then permeate the epidermis & micro-current builds collagen & helps re-educate cells to act younger. Incredibly hydrating & age-defying! Also great for adult acne. Includes face, neck& shoulder massage.





Celluma LED Facial 

FDA cleared for treatment of facial fine lines, wrinkles and acne, Celluma LED uses the energy delivered by the Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) to accelerate the repair and replenishment of damaged skin cells.   Research has shown that LED Light Therapy may help to smooth skin texture, improve firmness, increase the lymphatic system activity, 

An LED facial is very gentle treatment that uses narrow spectrum light to boost collagen, which creates plumper, younger-looking skin.



One LED session is an excellent skin conditioner, however, for optimal results as seen in the before and after images, a series of 12 sessions over 6 weeks is required.

30 Minute Express LED – $40

Series of 12 x 30 Minute Express LED – $400


, we use 







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